Why SMART Apprenticeship?

The Benefits of being a SMART Apprentice:

  • No-cost training in all aspects of the trade
  • On-the-job training – start earning right away!
  • Strong earning potential upon program entry
  • Employer-paid Health Insurance
  • Pension Plan
  • 401k after becoming a Journeyman

Why Apprenticeship?

Apprenticeships¬† have many benefits that can often be overlooked when you’re going through the process of deciding if you should enter the workforce or go to college.

We’ve compiled some of the key benefits you can get from becoming an apprentice:

1. Earn while you learn!

Enjoying the perks of a social life, while also having enough money for your essentials is important. An apprenticeship usually starts on a very basic wage, however there is an opportunity for this to increase once your first year of training is complete, as well as continued increases every 6 months of the program that you successfully meet the requirements for advancement.

2. Receive certified qualifications

Each level of your apprenticeship only lasts one year and, once completed, rewards you with a qualification you can showcase to future employers. some of these certifications are OSHA-10/30 for Construction, Welding, TAB (Testing, Adjusting & Balancing of HVAC systems) and many more.

3. Gain independence and respect

Working in a company will teach you to take responsibility for your actions, how to behave in a working environment, and how to be independent in your tasks. In turn, this will gain you the respect of your co-workers and your employers, giving you the confidence you need to carry out your role.

4. Benefit from ongoing and personalized support

When you begin your apprenticeship you’ll become a member of Local Union 49 and the Apprenticeship program. The Apprenticeship staff is there to answer any of your questions at any point and to provide you with support; they’ll be on hand whenever you need them.

5. Gain real work experience

Working life is completely different to being in school or university. An apprenticeship is a way of easing you into that environment while having people around to guide you along the way. Your colleagues will be able to show yo the ropes of everyday working life so that you’ll soon fit right in!

6. Improve your employability

Not only does your apprenticeship give you the opportunity to learn and experience your chosen career, it also makes you more employable to future companies. They’ll be able to see that¬† you were able to apply yourself to the demands of a full-time job while also attending classes to completee your apprenticeship. Dedication is an important quality to employers and they’ll value your work ethic.

7. Develop your skills

When you begin your apprenticeship, you might not have any experience as a Sheet Metal Worker. However, you will be provided with On-The-Job training and skills to enable you to progress further within the business.

8. Discover your earning potential

Apprentices have increased future earning potential across the course of their career. This means that, if you progress in the apprenticeship and successfully complete it to become a licenced Journeyperson, you could earn more over your lifetime than those who don’t.

9. Enjoy the holidays

Apprentices are entitled to 9 contractual holidays. This means that you can plan ahead for those holidays and not have to worry about requesting the time off! Vacations are a massive part of achieving a good life-work balance, and it’s important that you make time to relax in-between all your hard work!


The apprenticeship program is available to you for almost no out-of-pocket cost. This means avoiding the stress of apply for student loans, and having to spend years repaying them at the end of your schooling. You get to keep the money you earn!

Apply TODAY and see how an apprenticeship with SMART Local 49 could benefit your life!